Nine Inch Nails Video Game for iPhone

This morning, Spyboy (@spyboy on Twitter) brightened my day with news that a Nine Inch Nails-specific version of Tap Tap Revenge is coming to the iPhone. The story broke yesterday on TechCrunch, but I’ve been in a work-induced haze these past few weeks, and I didn’t catch the news until just now.

Tap Tap Revenge, if you’re not familiar, is like a combination of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The goal of the simple, intuitive game is to tap in time with the music as a series of dots/thumb-targets scroll across your screen. In this new NIN version, you’ll be able to tap along to over a dozen songs from the last two albums put out by Mr. Trent Reznor and company.

The significance for me is, of course, the geek convergence—Nine Inch Nails + iPhone = teh awesum—but TechCrunch elaborates on why this release may be significant in other ways:

The partnership is among the first to bring licensed content to an iPhone application ...Provided the app does well (and I think it will), expect to see more brands and artists step forward to release their own applications (or acquire the popular ones that are already out there). The most lucrative apps will be the ones that can fuse licensed media, as Tap Tap Revenge has. But we’ll also be seeing more branded apps - it won’t be long before we’ll see iBeer by Coors, or Fender’s PocketGuitar (there’s already a lighter app by Zippo). The App Store is still in its infancy, and we’re only beginning to see its potential for monetization.

What artists or bands would you like to see Tapulous team up with next?