Brief Utterz Hiatus

One of the perks of turning thirty-one that I had forgotten about was the expiration of my driver’s license. Since I am never actually in the state that I live in during weekday business hours, getting the darned thing renewed is going to be a challenge. Until I am able to find time in my schedule to take a half-day off from work (that probably won’t be possible until November because of the conference I am instrumental in putting together) or work part of the day from home, my wife is stuck driving me to the bus station every morning. That means that she has to get out of bed extra early and that we have to get the kid out of bed extra early, and that, of course, sucks. But it also means that I don’t have time to myself during my morning car rides anymore, and therefore, for the time being, that I don’t have time to record Geek Force Utterz.

I’m hoping that this hiatus will be brief, as I was really happy about having gotten this series onto a pretty regular schedule. But I really can’t drive without a valid license. That’s kind of a bad idea.

And then there’s the broken rear view mirror to worry about…

Anyone want to donate $40,000 or so, so that I can afford to take a full year off from work, finish my novel, and get my life in order?

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