Spoiling Season Five #03

This week in Lost spoilers seems to have focused in on a carpet-cleaning van and the various actors seen in or around it. If you can stomach some spoilers, let’s jump below the fold and have ourselves a chat about what the heck is going on in the world of our favorite castaways.

What’s with the van?
A blue carpet-cleaning van has been popping up all over Hawaii in recent days, and Lost spoiler hounds have been tracking it every step of the way. Different groups of actors have been spotted together in or around the van, depending on the day. On one day, there was a report of Jack, Sayid, and Ben crowding around the van (and around Jack’s old Bronco), talking about having to get somewhere fast. On another day, Sun, Kate, and Aaron were added to the mix. And, on yet another day, people spotted Desmond hanging around the danged thing.

So, what’s going on?

Well, Kristin from E! Online speculates that it all has to do with Ben’s aforementioned plan:

Well, remember what Michael Emerson recently said about Ben’s statement that if any of them are to return to the Island, everyone who escaped has to go back too? He said, “I think [that dictate is] a scientific condition of the mechanism by which the Island operates. I don’t think it’s an esoteric or spiritual issue, I think it’s science.”

He wasn’t just talking pretty. What I’m hearing is that the reason Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Hurley need to reunite is because the Oceanic Six need to fan out to a group of Dharma stations.

So, maybe this van—big enough to hold carpets, and therefore big enough to hold a coffin?—is what Ben’s using to gather up the troops. But then what? Where are the stations? Kristin’s source “hints that we have seen at least one of these powerful places before” and my bet is on the “airport” that Juliet went to when she first agreed to join the Others.

But, and this might sound crazy, I have an idea where at least one more of them might be: Simon Pace’s butcher shop.

Where else do you think there might be a secret Dharma station? Let us know in the comments.