Zack and Miri Can’t Remember My Birthday

Kevin Smith’s struggles with the MPAA continue, and I’m getting more and more aggravated by what’s going down.

This week, you see, Smith and company launched a “Making Of” series for Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This is the same kind of thing that the View Askew crew (along with Chop Shop Entertainment’s Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa) put together for Clerks II, and it’s already turning out to be just as awesome. There’s only one problem though, and that’s the annoying age verification form that I need to fill out every single time I watch an episode!!!

Last week, our friends over at News Askew broke the story on how the MPAA was refusing to let even Web-only documentaries fly below its radar now. But, even when I read that piece, I had no idea that the Association was going to go to such draconian lengths to keep us from enjoying what Knutson and Figueroa had put together.

There has got to be a way (a cookie, or something) to allow me to enter my birthday only once per visit, but I’m guessing that just wouldn’t have been kosher with the morality police. So, instead, I have to go through the same rigmarole every damn time. And I’m telling you, the idea may be to deter kids from watching these “naughty” videos but it’s going to end up deterring me and other busy, law-abiding adults instead. Kids’ll sit there and come up with a dozen different birthdays (they aren’t stupid, and they’ve got plenty of time), but I have shit to do.