Incredible Hulk Trailer Smashes Onto the Interweb

The teaser trailer for The Incredible Hulk is now available for viewing online, and it is every bit as cool as the teaser teaser I mentioned in Monday’s FiveCast seemed to suggest it would be. Comic Book Resources suggests that this is a “restart for the franchise” but I don’t see anything in this trailer that completely disavows all knowledge of the previous film. I don’t see how you can completely ignore that film, imperfect as it was. It came out too recently.

Newsarama has a good (but poorly written) summary of which versions of the Hulk this trailer suggests the new film is borrowing from:

From the looks of the trailer, The Incredible Hulk borrows some from the version of the Hulk as established in Marvel’s Ultimates (as well as nods to the television series): a man on the run from a government that sees him as a living bioweapon, a hunger for more creatures like the Hulk to fight for world powers, and Banner ultimately conceding that he is the only thing that can stop the Abomination.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am very excited about the possibility of a Hulk film that nods to the television series. So far, so good on this one, Marvel.