The Cider Press #002 - Kevin Rose’s Laptop

The return of the column where we crush a hot Apple news story down to the sweet, sweet nectar of a single paragraph.

In a change that we are sure has not escaped the keen vision of his Diggnation audience, Kevin Rose has recently ditched his defaced Macbook (Pro?) for an updated model that is, thusfar, free from adornments.

We here at Geek Force Five are happy to see that Mr. Rose has not yet decided to vandalize his new machine, that he has heretofore seen fit to leave untarnished the precision aluminum unibody enclosure that Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive poured his blood, sweat, and soul into. We hope that Mr. Rose will continue down this path of righteousness, for he must surely understand that applying a bumper sticker to an Apple product is like setting fire to Old Glory herself. Covering over the unfortunate Dell logo on a sad, Windows-powered laptop, as our esteemed leader Mr. Clark once did—that is one thing. But sullying the beautiful aluminum visage of an Apple machine is heresy. If you have any decency Mr. Rose, you will keep your new machine free and clear of the sins of your past. Have you any decency, sir?

Jocosely yours, the Geek Force Five