The Cider Press #003 - The Simpsons Take On Apple

The column where we crush a hot Apple news story down to the sweet, sweet nectar of a single paragraph.

Last night’s episode of The Simpsons is all over the AppleWeb, thanks to its “humorous” take on the Cult of Mac. No tenet of the Faith of Thinking Differently is left unscathed. From the moment the mob at the Mapple Store descends on a pranking Bart, armed with twirling myPod headphones, to the moment Lisa unpacks her first myBill (iJustine should sue!), Matt Groening’s minions (including, perhaps, my hometown’s hero, background designer Lance Wilder) strike at the heart of everything we MacAddicts hold dear. Mashable’s Adam Ostrow might be right when he says that this take on Apple is “true” but he is dead-wrong when he says that it’s “funny”. This, my friends, is terrifying to watch. “Our real slogan is ‘No refunds’,” says Mapple founder Steve Mobs. Indeed, sir. Indeed.