Worth Your Consideration #021

The “Worth Your Consideration” column is finally legal, just in time to sip some livened-up eggnog and give to you, constant reader, a veritable Santa-sized stockingful of linkage love.

  • Jennifer Aniston’s recent anti-Angelina ranting be pissing off most people, but Hugh Hefner ain’t mad at her. The Playboy founder told Extra that Jen’s nude spread for GQ looked like it belonged on the cover of his own magazine.
  • And, speaking of bared breasts, they can also, apparently, sell washing machines. Well, only if there are lots of them. And only if they’re attached to beautiful skydiving models. 
  • Toplessness has not been a ladies-only phenomenon this past fortnight either. Here’s a shocker: our President-Elect is, relatively speaking, pretty cut. His abs aren’t quite a six-pack, but he ain’t sporting no pot belly neither.
  • Oh, and he is also Time’s Person of the Year. That news comes courtesy of our old friend Jason Kottke.
  • Also from Kottke: a Periodic Table of Awesomeness.  Bacon is #1 and Samuel L. Jackson, despite never having appeared in a Kevin Smith film, is #37. Weird.
  • Also weird: The trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is available exclusively on MySpace. Why MySpace, man? Haven’t we established that Apple’s Trailers Site is the place for movie previews.
  • The place for parodies of the Bush shoe-throwing incident: Best Week Ever.
  • On a totally separate note: I finally stop subjecting myself to the weekly torture that Smallville has become over the past three years, and now they have to go and make it good again? The preview for the second half of their latest season features The Legion of Superheroes, flying Clark, angry Doomsday, and naked Lex. Guess I’m going to have to catch up and tune in.
  • The filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will span fifty-four weeks, according to producer David Heyman. They’re still debating on where to split the story (Hallows will be released as two films) but may have found “an emotional and very truthful” place for the break.
  • Apple debuted two video ads, one of them featuring a cute talking rabbit. Thanks to TUAW for the link.
  • But, if you like your Mac vs. PC action a bit more violent, check this bit of YouTubeage. It’s done in the style of Transformers, and if that doesn’t pique your interest, then you’re not really a geek.
  • Speaking of YouTubeage, TUAW provided a link to this wicked pissa montage of Apple history. It condenses 30 years of awesome into 3 minutes and is definitely worth your consideration.
  • Moving on, MacNN reported this past week that an Iron Man video game has come to the iPhone. I haven’t played Iron Man: Aerial Assault yet, but I plan on plunking down eight bucks for it just as soon as, well… just as soon as I have eight bucks. Which might be next year, for all I know. Stupid economy.
  • SimCity has come to the iPhone, as well. That’s another ten bucks down the drain. They just knew that I couldn’t resist it, didn’t they? TUAW has a review.
  • Also in the making me spend more money than I have department, Marvel released their full slate of solicitations for March 2009. Just when I thought I was going to be able to kick my comic book habit, those bastards reel me back in with stories about who will be the next Sorceror Supreme, and news that the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants is finally assembled and ready to destroy the X-Men once and for all (I’m still holding out hope that they’ve duped Firestar into joining and that she’ll somehow escape their grasp and rocket to new levels of superstardom as a member of the X-Men or something).
  • It’s Christmas and I’m getting tired, so let’s finish this puppy up…
  • Apple announced that their appearance at 2009’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco would be their last appearance at Macworld. They also announced that Steve Jobs would not give his customary keynote address. Apple fanatics promptly lost their shit, but TUAW provided a sane look at why this decision was probably inevitable.
  • In crossover news: Who knew that Nine Inch Nails was using a MacBook Pro and Logic Studio to replace racks of equipment on their latest tour. I certainly didn’t. To think that this tour was so much more awesome than usual, but that they used so much less equipment to make it happen… That rules.
  • This does not rule: Nine Inch Nails wrapped up their Lights in the Sky tour, and are currently prepping for a final wave of dates before calling it quits for the foreseeable future. There was news recently that Lights in the Sky would not be captured on film, which most NIN fans who had the pleasure of seeing the show would say is a total travesty. But there is also news that fans who attended the Las Vegas show are assembling a fan-made DVD. The project even has a Website: This One’s On Us (a reference to Trent Reznor’s comment, on the release of The Slip earlier this year, that that one [The Slip] was on him).
  • In Lost news: Jack finally shaves and The Powers That Be answer questions in these clips provided by DarkUFO.
  • Also: lots of people in Dharma jumpsuits that I never thought I’d see in Dharma jumpsuits can be seen in these pictures snagged by Dark and his associates.
  • AND, a new promo is out that made me go, “Huh? What?!?”
  • AND, cute postcards, direct from the island, are begging me not to be a stranger, and reminding me that the island cures what ails me.
  • Oh, and there’s a Lostpedia interview with Michael Emerson, too.

And yeah, I think that’s where I’ll call it a night. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that.