Silent Bob and Steve Jobs Resign from Geek Force Five

Over the weekend, I tearfully accepted the resignations of two of the founding members of my Geek Force Five.

  1. Steve Jobs is pulling Apple out of the GF5, citing the declining importance of this particular Apple geek to the company’s plans for world domination. And…
  2. The man known as Silent Bob has opted to retire from active duty after suffering through the public humiliation of his latest film breaking his personal best at the box office, but only by the slimmest of margins (i.e., the seven bucks I spent on my ticket).

One of the vacant spots has already been filled, and an announcement about the phenomenon stepping in is forthcoming. However, we’re doing something somewhat different with the other vacancy. For the first time ever, we will have a place as a member. I know that sounds strange, but consider that the literary agent who rejected my novel last year specifically pinpointed my ability to write about place as a strength. More on that development is forthcoming as well.

This is sure to be an exciting week in the history of the Geek Force. Please do stay tuned for more as it happens.

(And please rest assured that we’ll still offer Apple and View Askew coverage from time to time. We’re just moving them to the Reserves section to give some of my other obsessions a chance to shine.)

NewsE. Christopher Clark