Spoiling Season Five #5

There is now less than a week left until the fifth season premiere of Lost. And, hey, let’s be honest here: if you’re interested in spoiling the season premiere for yourself, you’ve probably already done so. Oodles of reviewers have already feasted their eyes upon the cornucopia of awesomeness that the Powers That Be are preparing to serve up for us on January 21. And that’s why I’ve decided to focus today’s final installment of Spoiling Season Five on something a bit different.

You see, TV Guide has just published a list of ten Lost episodes selected by producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse as the most essential to re-watch prior to the premiere of season five. And while I’m not going to get around to watching them until some time this weekend, I still think that now is the perfect time to see if we can’t figure out exactly why Darlton picked the episodes that they did.

So, if you got the stones for it, click the linkedy-link and join me below the fold for a final pre-premiere look at the fifth season of Lost.

Season One

1. Walkabout

Locke’s relationship to the island is a vital piece of the puzzle in season five, according to TPTB. And so, watching this episode where we learn that Locke was paralyzed before the crash certainly makes sense. But is the big reveal of Locke in the wheelchair the only thing we’re watching for in “Walkabout,” or is there something else to be on the lookout for? I haven’t watched the episode in ages, so I’m not sure.

2. White Rabbit

Apparently the fact that Jack’s undead father wears white tennis shoes in this episode is somehow important. I remember that when I first watched this I didn’t think anything of the shoes, seeing as I thought the dude was nothing more than a hallucination. But I obviously thought wrong.

3. Deus Ex Machina

This is the one where Locke bangs on the hatch and the light comes on (turned on by Desmond, we later find out). TPTB say that this event will be revisited with “a slightly closer focus.” Not sure what that means, but it should be fun. Apparently we’re going to “learn the whole nature of why the Swan hatch exists.”

Season Two

4. The 23rd Psalm

You miss Mr. Eko, don’t you? So why not revisit this episode in which he stares down the smoke monster? Apparently, there’s a greater understanding of Smokey coming our way this season. Me, I’m not so sure I care about understanding it. I just want to see someone call it again, like Ben did in his centric-episode in season four. I like seeing that thing take out mercenaries. It’s fun!

5. Live Together, Die Alone

There’s a statue with four toes! What’s up with that? Apparently, we’re going to see that statue again in season five. w00t, says I. I’m only disappointed to discover that the history of who built it will have to wait for season six.

Season Three

6. Flashes Before Your Eyes

The old lady in the jewelry store that tells Desmond he is not allowed to buy the sodding wedding ring—apparently, she’s really important. But, come on: do you really need an excuse to watch this episode? Or any Desmond episode, for that matter? Every time he’s the center of an episode, it’s a good one.

7. The Man Behind the Curtain

The first chunk of Ben’s back-story we ever did see is found in this episode, and it’s a doozy. And apparently, we’re not through with Ben’s backstory just yet. Season five is supposed to be chock-full of it. So, I guess we’re supposed to revisit this episode to whet our appetites for what’s to come. Me, I’m just looking forward to revisiting Roger “Workman” Linus get gassed to death. Bastard totally had it coming, no?

Okay, maybe not. But that is an awesome death scene, isn’t it?

Season Four

8. The Constant

This is the one where Desmond comes unstuck in time, Slaughterhouse Five style, thanks to the helicopter flying away from the island on the wrong heading. Sayeth the TV Guide gods: “The consequences of incorrectly entering or exiting the island will play a crucial role as the Oceanic Six attempt their return. Midway through this season, we will learn the island pulled off one doozy of a masquerade.” Interesting, says I.

9. The Shape of Things to Come

The first Ben-centric episode, “The Man Behind the Curtain”, was great, but this one is epic. I cry just thinking about the scene between Keamy and Alex and Ben. And, as I said above, I loves me some mercenary-eating smoke monster action. I think the real reason they’re suggesting that we re-watch this one has to do with the flash-forward, though. The confrontation between Widmore and Ben that takes place here is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their conflict.

10. There’s No Place Like Home

Executive producer Carlton Cuse says, “The season premiere is basically Part 4 of the finale,” and that, therefore, all three hours of the fourth season premiere are worth watching again. They say to pay special attention to the frozen donkey wheel scene and what Ben says to Jacob in that scene. Apparently Jacob and/or the Island have a lot of pain and suffering in store for John Locke now, too. And all of that is supposed to culminate in the death of John Locke mid-season.

Me, I can’t wait for that. As I believe I’ve said before, I’d be happy if John Locke were dead for good. He stopped being interesting and tolerable to me at the end of season three. And if there’s one thing I’m worried about when it comes to season five, it’s that there will be too much Locke.

How about you? What are you most looking forward to in season five? What are you least looking forward to? Leave a comment!