Last Night on LOST: The Lie

Okay, I’m a little behind on offering my thoughts on this week’s episodes of Lost, but hey: there were two of ‘em this time around. So, you’ll cut me some slack, won’t you?


Ready to talk about “The Lie”? If you are, then click the link to venture below the fold with me. Doesn’t that sound enticing (and a wee bit dirty)?

They’re Going To Think You’re Crazy

First of all, it was nice to see a little bit more of the Oceanic Six making their decision about the lie, if for no other reason than the fact that this scene meant more Frank. And I, for one, miss Frank. Who knows if we’ll see the dude again any time soon, so I was savoring the Frank Sandwich that the Powers That Be were serving up.

The point of showing this scene, however, was so that we could get the line about how people would think Hurley was nuts if he told the truth. The whole question of Hurley’s sanity is, of course, one of the key questions of the show.

What do I think about whether or not the big guy is a loon? Well, I think he’s perfectly sane. It’s one thing to see ghosts—Hey, Ana Lucia! Shot anyone lately?—but it’s another thing to do what they tell you to do. And when it came to Ana’s most important instruction—Don’t get arrested—what did Hurley do?

That’s right. He ignored her.

Frogurt the Red-Shirt

“Hello, my name is Neil (not Frogurt). We’ve never met, except for that one time in that “mobisode” that only really hardcore Lost nerds watched. And yeah, I’m wearing a red shirt. What does that matter? Yes, I’m aware that wearing a red shirt on a science fiction show is like asking to be shot in the chest with a flaming arrow, but… Wait, whatdoyoumeanI’monfire?”

The scenes with the Left Behinders were great in this episode. I loved the humor that permeated every interaction, everything from Bernie the Dentist sucking at starting a fire to Frogurt getting hit in the chest by a flaming arrow just after complaining about Bernard’s ineptitude.

Hearing Vincent bark felt totally obligatory—the dog’s still alive, in case you were wondering—but was cool. It made me wonder how that dog has survived everything he has when there are people getting shot done all around him.

Speaking of which, how many red-shirts are they going to kill? Will there be anyone left besides the Science Team, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Sawyer, and Juliet?

And Sawyer and Juliet… how long until they get down? It’s totally happening. You’d have to be blind not to see it. And I’ve seen it coming since the season three finale, when the two of them took off into the jungle together.

Oh, and how about young Widmore making an appearance? Yes, that’s totally who I think the dude obsessed with cutting off limbs is.

They Can Leave!

They can leave, but only if Daniel can calculate where they are in time. That’s interesting. Does that mean that the calculation they had from last time was based on when they were, too?


“Mommy, I want to go home” felt very real to me, as did Aaron’s request to push the buttons in the elevator. But, as my wife pointed out: at Aaron’s age, he should be in a car seat or at the very least a booster when they’re driving. Right?

Sun and Kate

I was talking about Sun as the new Lost supervillain back at the end of season four, and nothing she’s doing in these first couple of episodes is convincing me that I’m wrong. The way she interacts with Kate, despite the fact that she says “I don’t blame you” is just icy cold and cruel. Listen to the way she asks “How’s Jack?” and tell me that she’s not going to be major trouble going forward.

Maybe it all melts away when someone tells her that her husband is actually still alive (just a prediction at this point), but I’m willing to bet that we are going to be seeing a lot more of Bad-Ass Sun as the season wears on.

The Odd Couple - Ben and Jack

Questions here:

  1. When Ben unscrews the vent thingy, does that mean he’s been in this place a while? And what did he grab?
  2. Ben flushed Jack’s pills down the toilet. Why is he so concerned for the guy now? What’s does he have to gain by bringing these folks back together?
  3. Is Ben telling the truth when he says to Jack that he’s never coming back?
  4. Did you notice Ben’s face when Jack said that Sayid had just shown up? That wasn’t part of the plan, was it?

The Other Odd Couple - Jack and Sayid

I love that Sayid’s first reaction upon waking up is to choke the everloving life out of the Doc. It feels so real to me, given Sayid’s personality—kill first, ask questions later

And did you notice the ‘uh-oh’ music cue that played as Sayid asked “Does anyone else know [Hurley’s] there?”

Meet the Reyeses

  • Cheech/Papa Reyes is back!
  • “Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?”—I love this episode because it somehow finds humor in the middle of a very bleak situation.
  • “Stay away from Hugo”—I like that Papa Reyes is being so protective. I like that the family has grown tighter together following the crash.
  • “Tell your mother the truth”—You can’t resist the power of Mama Reyes, but the crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist in me suddenly thought that Mama Reyes is working for Widmore when I watched her say this.
  • Hurley telling the story sounds absolutely crazy—Jack was right about that—but someone does believe him: the most important someone, his mom.

What We’re Doing

Are you sick of the bullet-point style yet? Hope not! Here’s another list to finish off for this week.

  1. Who are Jill, Gabriel, and Jeffrey? Others who are off-island? Or are they part of some other, larger organization?
  2. Again, why is Ben so protective of Jack all of a sudden? Jill asks, “What’d you do, bribe him with some pills?” and Ben replies, “Cut the man some slack.”
  3. Hurley hurling the hot pocket at Ben had to be the best moment on television this past week. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment!
  4. “In their defense, I’m not an easy person to trust.”—Now, there’s the understatement of the century.
  5. The mysterious woman writing on the board—like Daniel—makes me think that this is Daniel’s mother. but she’s not in Oxford like she’s supposed to be.
  6. But, she is in a church, which ties her more closely to the brother from the Desmond story (who she’d previously appeared in a very Photoshopped photo with).
  7. Ben is panicky when she says 70 hours is all he’s got. I don’t like seeing Ben panicky. That means big trouble.