Premium Game Section of App Store?

Apple is planning to open a premium game section in their iPhone/iPod Touch App Store, according to “[T]he initiative will only be open to a restricted number of large publishers, rather than the thousands of smaller developers currently selling their titles on the main App Store,” and the idea, I think, is to give premium games a chance in a store that is currently dominated by free and nearly-free apps.

I have several pretty simple games on my iPhone that I play a lot (Solebon, Tris, and Tap Tap NIN) and a couple more complicated games that I hardly play at all (Cro-Mag Rally and Aurora Feint). What about the rest of you out there who have iPhones or iPod Touches? What games do you own? Which do you play regularly? And would you ever be willing to pay $19.99 for an iPhone game? I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t, but I’d like to hear what you think.