Geek Force Roster Change - 02.01.09

By popular demand, the all new, and almost all-different Geek Force Five for the week of February 1-7, 2009 are Modern Vampires (represented by Edward Cullen of Twilight fame), DC Comics (represented by the motherlovin’ Batman), Lost (represented, once again, by Hugo “Hurley” Reyes), the RPM Challenge (represented by their nifty logo), and Twitter (represented by the Twitterrific Bird Choir and Twitter newcomer @moonfrye, aka Punky Brewster herself, Soleil Moon Frye). These are the five topics we’ll be discussing in-depth this week.

Remember: If these topics don’t satisfy you, you can help determine who and what we’ll cover next week by sending us your thoughts in the GeekOut box here at

Here’s to a great week, and to a great SuperBowl (congrats to both the Steelers and Cardinals on a game well-played).

NewsE. Christopher Clark