Punky Power Comes to Twitter

Soleil Moon Frye (@moonfrye) has only been active on Twitter for about a week, but her stream is already one of the ones I pay attention to. Maybe it’s because, like my friend Leslie, I am mildly obsessed with child stars who are all grown up (particularly those who are all grown up and actually seem well-adjusted), or maybe it’s because I watched way too much Punky Brewster as a kid—I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that at least part of my interest in watching what Ms. Moon Frye has to say on a daily basis has to do with the fact that she just gets it. Take, for instance, this question she posed yesterday afternoon.

Question of the day. Favorite 80’s moment? Off to work a little… Miss you twitters already.

This is exactly the sort of thing that Twitter was made for: interacting with your circle of friends and acquaintances, however wide that circle might grow. The responses, which you can check out by surfing backwards through search.twitter.com on the keywords “@moonfrye” and “80s” are awesome. Soleil thought so, too. And she didn’t hesitate to let everyone know:

Your 80s moments had me smiling all day.They are amazing! A few faves. Spicoli having pizza delivered to class,1st boom box, slow dancing,

If you’re like me, and you’ve been wondering what Soleil’s been up to since the good old days, check her Wikipedia page and the Website for The Little Seed, the “environmentally-conscious children’s specialty boutique” she opened in Los Angeles.

However, if you’re like the perverts who search for “naked Punky Brewster pictures” and end up over at The Wire (thanks to Liberty Hardy for telling me about this), please at least tell me that you’re looking for naked photos of the thirty-two year old Soleil Moon Frye and not eight year old Penelope Brewster. Because, seriously dudes, that’s just wrong.