Last Night on LOST: The Little Prince

Okay, so Lost aired two nights ago and not last night, but I did re-watch this week’s episode last night. So, the title’s still accurate, right?

I thought so.

So, come on and let’s go below the fold for a little chat about “The Little Prince”.

How much story can we cram into 45 minutes?

There was a lot going on in this episode. Maybe too much. And nothing that got brought up here was entirely resolved. They find out who is trying to take Aaron away, but not why. We see that Sun has a gun, but we don’t see her use it. We discover that Hurley is in the county lock-up, but we don’t see him get out. In this way, “The Little Prince” was a big disappointment for me. It felt too much like the filler episodes of seasons past. After three episodes of awesome, this one, for me, was just meh. A lot of cool things happened, but they didn’t add up to anything self-contained within the course of this episode.

Kate & Jack

I like that The Powers That Be keep going back to the scene on Penny’s boat from three years ago. It’s interesting to see things like the private meeting Kate and Jack have and to actually get to see how Kate arrives at the decision to keep Aaron as her own.

Their mission to seek out the identity of Norton’s client harkens back to the great Jack and Kate adventures of the past, and gives the more relationship-centric segment of the audience something to chew on amidst all this time-travel business.

One thing I wondered about here: Did Norton let Kate follow him, knowing that Kate and Jack would get totally mindfucked when they saw Claire’s mum?

Sun and Aaron

How many days has it been since Kate arrived at Sun’s hotel room? It’s only been a day, right? Aaron seems pretty comfortable with Sun, given how unfamiliar a face she must be.

Also, every time someone leaves Aaron alone, I end up feeling like he’s going to get kidnapped or hurt. Please don’t leave the kid alone!

And what’s up with Sun’s gun? Who is she going to kill? Jack? Ben?

The Island of Nose-Bleeds

I like that Daniel has an explanation for everything, and that his explanations seem mostly plausible. I totally buy that nose-bleeds have to do with an internal clock that’s been messed up crazy-bad.

As for why it starts with Charlotte, continues with Miles, and moves on to Juliet—I think Daniel’s totally right about this. It’s all about duration of exposure. Here’s my theory: Charlotte was on the island as a kid, maybe for a long while. Miles was on the island as a kid—he’s Pierre Chang’s baby, if you’re buying into my theories—and he was there for a little bit less time than Charlotte. And Juliet, as an Other, has been there the next-longest after them. In the next episode, I’m willing to bet that Sawyer and John will be wiping at their noses too.

And let me just say that I love that Sawyer is the leader. He consults with John, yes. But James Ford is definitely in charge of this little rag-tag group now.

When the light from the hatch went on, it took me a second to figure it out, but then I turned to Stephanie and called it. What an amazing night for them to flash to. I wonder if the island has some sort of control over what it is showing them. Seeing Sawyer watch Kate—that was pretty intense. This was a great moment for Josh as an actor. Another great moment: he has his second Kate memory in the outrigger as their paddling along. It reminds him of when he and Kate escaped from the Others. And it’s all played out on his face, and in the conversation he has with Juliet. Great stuff.

Ajira Airways makes it’s first appearance in this episode, too. I guess there has been some sort of ARG (alternate reality game) surrounding Ajira, but I don’t understand those things, so I couldn’t tell you much about it.

The Rest of the Six

  • Did the guy with the tranq-gun know who he was dealing with when he tried to take Sayid out?
  • WTF?!? Norton is working for Ben? I didn’t see that coming, but I should have. Good to know that getting Hurley out of jail isn’t going to take much effort. I was worried that was going to take, like, a whole episode.
  • “Jack, hurry. We’re running out of time.”—I think that the amount of time they have left must be tied into how long it’ll take for the flashes to kill everyone that’s left behind with Super Nose-Bleeds From Hell.

That’s French! The French are coming! I’ve never been so happy to hear the French!!

I got two words for you: Jin Fucking Kwon, okay?!?

We all knew Jin wasn’t dead, right? But who the fuck could have possibly known that he was going to show up right when Danielle Rousseau and her boatload of soon-to-be-dead compatriots washed ashore?

This episode may not have been great, but the next couple are going to rule thanks to the shit that was set up here.