Bacon Where It Doesn’t Belong

I loves me some bacon, but bacon has been popping up in all sorts of places that it shouldn’t be this week. Here’s a list.

  • Thanks to, you can now get a side of bacon with any Website you choose. And sure, seeing a piece of bacon floating over the Websites for PETA and the Bacon Brothers is funny, but a piece of bacon over the IMDB page for Charlotte’s Web?, have you no decency?
  • Bacon should never be the subject of a flowchart, ladies and gentleman. It just shouldn’t. If you need that much help to determine whether it’s time to eat bacon, then you really don’t deserve to be eating bacon now, do you?
  • On the other hand, there are some food items where the taste of bacon just doesn’t belong. Bacon mints? Really? Do we need that? And don’t get me started on Bacon chocolate bars! I mean, c’mon!