YOUNGBLOOD - The Film That Will Finally Burst the Comic Book Movie Bubble

I’m not always a big fan of the way that Ain’t It Cool News covers things, but I think the headline for their piece on the upcoming Youngblood film asks the right question: “Brett Ratner To Adapt Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD!! Will We All Die In A Massive, Collapsing Black Hole of Suck??”

Listen: It’s pretty damned easy to criticize Rob Liefeld for his art. But you know what’s even easier? Criticizing the man’s ability to tell a coherent story. I mean, have you ever read an issue of Youngblood?!? I have. This book was a complete fucking mess from the get-go, and subsequent attempts to make some sense of it have only really made matters worse.

I’ll give the cat this, though: he certainly knows how to make a pitch.

A billion dollar-funded strike force with unlimited resources functioning as super-cops in an ultra-violent world and the media covering their every move told from the point of view of their latest and most reluctant recruit, Shaft. What’s not to love? This movie hasn’t been told onscreen yet. The screenwriters took the story and are doing great work under Brett’s direction so far.

Put that way, it almost sounds interesting. But the key word there is almost.

What say you, Geek Forcers?