Geek Force Roster Change - 02.15.09

It’ll be hard for this week’s Geek Force Five roster to walk in the footsteps of those who have come before them, as those who have come before them have been uniformly awesome, but they’re certainly going to give it the old college try. The Geek Force Five for the week of February 15-21, 2009 are: Superstar Comic Book Creator-Saviors (represented by Joss Whedon), the Academy Awards (represented by good old Oscar himself), Street Fighter (represented by Chun-Li, who is the focus of the upcoming film, as well as one of the stars of the forthcoming video game), Midseason TV Shows (represented by Echo from Dollhouse), and 90s Band Comebacks (represented by the soon-to-be touring again No Doubt). These are the five topics we’ll be discussing in-depth this week.

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NewsE. Christopher Clark