The New Geek Force Five

Editor’s Note: In case the reference to April 1 didn’t make it clear, this article was part of GF5’s April Fool’s Day Joke for 2008.

This is it, folks. This is the moment that you’ve all been waiting for. Starting tomorrow, April 1, 2008, I am going to finally come clean and be honest with all of you. Starting tomorrow, I’m abandoning all pretense, and I’m going to write about the five things that I really geek out about the most: Hannah Montana, Heidi Montag, Ryan Seacrest, Grey’s Anatomy, and Tyra Banks.

The time to get real is now, folks. It’s right fucking now. If you’re reading this via RSS, please do make sure to stop by the site to see the changes we’ve made. I think you’ll really appreciate the refreshing display of honesty on display.

NewsE. Christopher Clark