Another Visit to the DOLLHOUSE

There is something about watching a TV program on the Fox network that makes me feel dirty. And this is not just the Olbermann-worshipping, Fixed News-hating liberal in me talking. My uncomfortable relationship with Rupert Murdoch’s network stretches back many years. I felt dirty whenever my brother watched Married… With Children back in the day (then again, who didn’t feel dirty watching that show?), I could never get into The Simpsons because of that Fox logo lurking in the bottom corner, I was late in coming to The X-Files because it was on Fox, and, to this day, I can’t watch their NFL coverage without feeling the urge to gag. I’ve never put my finger on exactly what it is about Fox that bothers me, but the network just feels sleazy to me.

And the first five minutes of Dollhouse did little to sway me from my long-held opinion. But…

...unlike Michael Collado, who found the premiere to be confusing, at least in the beginning, I was hooked in from the get-go, despite that sleazy feeling. I love shows that are intentionally ambiguous—hence, really, my obsession with Lost—and I didn’t really need to know much more than the tagline that Hulu provided for me, and that I’m guessing was the tagline provided to TV Guide and all the other places out there that publish that kind of thing.

Eliza Dushku stars as a member of an illegal group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new personas.

I mean, I’m sure that this info was out there. And really, what more did you need to know to get started with this show? And did you even really need to know that? I thought it was great that every moment had me going, “Okay, there’s a whole story behind that little thing,” and then, “There’s another whole story behind why they’re doing this, too.” I mean, when I watched this show, all I saw was potential. I didn’t see anyone trying to hide anything from me. I saw a show that was laying down the groundwork for what could be a pretty compelling sci-fi universe.

Eliza Dushku will always be Sissy from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back to me—and I’ll always want to call her DuckShoot, the nickname that Kevin Smith used for her on set—but she’s doing a pretty great job on this series, so far. And I think I might even be able to stomach the Fox logo each week to keep up with it.

Episode 2 comes on tonight, and Hercules from Ain’t It Cool News apparently thinks it’s better than the first.