Lost’s Michael is Found Again

Wired and Entertainment Weekly have “broken” the news that Lost‘s favorite turncoat, Michael Dawson, will be returning to the show this season. No shit, Sherlock! You don’t even need to have visited a spoiler site to have figured that out. Anybody who’s paid attention to the credits that roll at the beginning of each episode could have figured that out. Harold Perrineau, the actor who plays Michael, has been listed in a starring capacity since the first episode of the season.

Michael’s backstory has always bored me to tears, but I am definitely interested in finding out what he’s been up to since selling his “friends” out to the Others at the end of season two. My theory is that he’s Ben’s spy on the boat, but we’ll see.

How about you, my Lost-lovin’ friends? How do you feel about Michael? What do you think he’s been up to?