Geek Force Roster Change - 02.22.2009

The other day, my friend Mary Ann sent me this article about how the recession could hurt the chances of films like Slumdog Millionaire being made. This got me thinking about what the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has been saying about this economy, that it is the perfect time for people with drive and ambition to “crush” it and make a name for themselves.

Hence, this week’s Geek Force Five will be dedicated to the discussion of the people who are out there doing whatever they can to produce and promote independent films, music, comics, technology, and thought. I’ve selected avatars from the people and projects I’m most familiar with—John Herman and Ryan Plaisted’s Odd Noggin Land; Yuji 28 Go and Razlo’s Bizarre Uprising; Andy Hicks’s The Pluto Tapes; the irrepressible, aforementioned Gary Vaynerchuk; and the world’s fastest growing gaming platform, the iPhone—but I’d like to encourage you to submit articles and offer commentary on any and all independent artists and thinkers that you know, or know of.

NewsE. Christopher Clark