When The Power Goes Out on Nine Inch Nails

Ladies and gents, this is how you handle a potential PR crisis for your band, both on the day of the event and afterward. Power went out midway through a Nine Inch Nails set in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday. The video I’ve included above shows what went on behind the scenes as the crowd began to get testy. You’ve got to love that Trent Reznor and company put this out there. And me, personally, I love the little moment where they discuss a change in the set, bringing the occasional set-opener “1,000,000” up in the set order in order to kick things off on the right note, once the power comes back on.

You want to know how to win an audience and keep an audience: Pay attention to Nine Inch Nails. You may not like their music, but you’ve got to love the way they do business.