5 Questions for Bizarre Uprising Writer Razlo

Razlo is one of the co-creators of Bizarre Uprising, a Webcomic that we’ve featured on this site previously. He took some time out of his day to sit down with Geek Force Five and answer a few questions about where the series is going as it approaches a pretty major milestone.

  1. You’re coming up on Bizarre Uprising‘s seventh anniversary, right? Do you have a definite road map for the rest of the story? Do you have an ending in mind, or is this a story that you could see continuing for another seven years?
    Main story points have been planned from the very beginning, but sometimes as I approach them, I’ll alter my original plans for something I think may work better. The characters or story have a sort of life of their own, so I think you need to have this sort of flexibility. This is the type of story that could go on forever, but I am aiming for some sort of end. The reason for this is that I would never want to have the comic end on a cliffhanger because my life got too busy for it.
  2. Over the course of the series’s run, we’ve met a slew of characters. Is there one character that’s more fun to write than any other? Is there anyone that we haven’t seen in a long time that you’ve been dying to bring back?
    Toki is the most fun for me to write, because he’s a fantastic combination of selfishness, perversion and nerdiness. I think everyone can probably relate to him in some way, even if they don’t want to admit it. I’m always dying to bring back ANY character that hasn’t been in the story for a while due to story reasons. I know that the fans certainly miss characters when they don’t show up for a while.
  3. You put out a printed collection of the comic a couple of years back. How did you like working with print as a medium, as opposed to the Web? What are the disadvantages and advantages of each medium, as far as you’re concerned? And will we see a Bizarre Uprising, Volume 2 at some point in the future?
    It’s very exciting to have a book out on the market, but the process of creating it was quite tedious. Since all the content was already created, the process of creating the book was mostly just adjustment and putting it together. Both the printed and digital word have their downsides. If our story was just out in book form, we wouldn’t have as large of an audience and would have to charge for people to read our comic. Doing a weekly Webcomic has its disadvantages too though. It’s hard to tell the sort of story I want to when doing a weekly comic, while still keeping a pace that is quick enough that there’s reasonable progression. If we were making a typical printed comic, the pacing from page to page could be a bit slower. As for a volume 2 book, it’s something I’d really like to do some day.
  4. You’re a heavy gamer, right? Can you picture the comic being adapted as a game? What would be the particular challenges of translating it into a gaming experience?
    I am indeed huge into gaming, to the point that I work in the games industry. I would love to see a Bizarre Uprising game. Of course if it was being created, there’d be the same challenges as creating any other game. The specific challenge related to a BU game would be choosing what elements to work into the game and what sort of game it would be. I think an RPG or SRPG with dating sim elements would probably be the best genre for a BU game.
  5. Let’s close with a question I’m going to ask each of the artists I interview this week. Doing what you love doesn’t always pay well, if it pays at all. Why do you keep doing it? What drives you?
    I started and continue to write BU because I always have ideas floating around in my head and it’s a venue to express those ideas. Beyond that, my entire life has benefited from TV, movies, music and comics and I have an obsession with all forms of entertainment. Knowing that even a few people get that same sort of enjoyment out of the work that Yuji and I do, is what drives me to keep doing it.