Last Night on LOST: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

It’s late, as usual, but below the fold is everything I have to say about this past week’s episode of Lost: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”.

Honestly, there is no way I’m getting through this without just pasting my notes. It’s late on a Sunday evening, I have three podcasts to produce (two for work, one of this Website), and I still have to select and put together the Geek Force Five for the coming week.

- The way the initial scene goes, it got Stephanie and me thinking that Cesar and whatshername were working togeter before this second crash/incident

- Plane is remarkably intact

- John is resurrected. Interesting.

- Are they on the island? What island is he looking at?

- The pilot and some woman took a boat—so, Frank and Sun?

- “I remember dying”

- So, the desert is the exit—and there are cameras

- Abaddon lurking in the hospital room. Recalls Richard lurking in the hospital room for the Others. Do Alpert and Abaddon fulfill similar roles for opposite sides in the war?

- What is going on? Why is Widmore visiting John and not killing him?

- “I met you when I was seventeen… You look exactly the same.”

- “I was afraid Benjamin might fool you into leaving the island, as he did me…”—my theory proved true! yay.

- Protected the island peacefully more than three decades—by chopping peoples hands off?!? He’s a liar.

- “There’s a war coming… if you’re not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.”

- Widmore is deeply invested in the future of the island.

- I needed Linus removed, so that it could be your time.

- I don’t know whhy he said you’d die, but i’m not oging to let that happen

Santo Domingo—Sayid

- Working on building houses/buildings. Definitely does seem like he’s trying to move on.

- 2 years manipulated by Ben, 9 months with wife (timeline taking shape)

New York—Walt

- You don’t seem surprised

- I’ve been having dreams. You were wearing a suit. People around you want to hurt you.

- Why’d you come to see me?

- I take it you didn’t invite him along

- Ben lurking. Uh-oh.

Santa Rosa—Hurley

- Drawing the Sphinx

- That dude is far from okay. He showed up claiming he was from Oceanic Air.

- Hurley distraught

- Abaddon - I help people get to where they need to get to, John. That’s what I do for Mr. Widmore.

Los Angeles—Kate

- You ever been in love, John?

- I think about how desperate you were to stay on that island

- It was all because you didn’t love anybody

- I loved someone… what happened… didn’t work out… why… i was angry, obsessed…. Look how far you’ve come.

Santa Monica—Helen

- Brain anuerysm, my ass. Listen to Abaddon’s words. “Helen is where she’s supposed to be. Her path led here.” Abaddon killed her, in order to set this up.

- Abaddon dead that easily?

- Jack sitting beside the bed. You were in a car accident. You were brought into my hospital.

- You being brought into the hospital was probability, not fate.

- They don’t want me to get back, because I’m important.

- Maybe there’s nothing important about you at all. Maybe you are just a lonely old man who crashed on an island.

- “Your father says hello.”

- It’s over, It’s done, and we were never important.—a little something about Jack here

- Timeline gets f’ed up here. John doesn’t kill himself the night of Jack’s first trip. Jack doesn’t even have the full beard yet. Unless this is supposed to be sometime later, or unless the body isn’t found for quite some time, they’ve screwed things up.

- I’ve got to believe there’s an explanation, though. They have a guy in charge of continuity. He must’ve said something if this was wildly inaccurate.

- Ben at the door. Why does Ben need to save John from killing himself?

- You killed Abaddon. Yes, I did.

- Charles Widmore is the reason I moved the island. so he could never find it. So that you could lead.

- Desmond’s line about all of them just being pieces in a game—that’s absolutely ringing true here.

- John, you can’t die. You’ve got too much work to do.

- Ben kneeling before him—Significance of that?

- Ben surprised by Jin revelation, which is not surprising, but he’s a little too surprised.

- Eloise Hawking—Ben surprised by this relevation too. But this is what he needed to find out before John died

- “I’ll miss you, John. I really will.”

- Big noise and a bright light—so the other people experienced the same thing.

- The pilot took the passenger list when he took off

- There were people that got hurt… and one of them is… Ben