365 Songs - Day 61

The 365 Songs Project, which was conceived by my friend and Generation Goat co-host Jon Martin, is modeled after Flickr’s 365 Days project. For Flickr’s project, you take a photo a day to chronicle your year. For 365 Songs, you do that with songs.

Jon and I will discuss some of the ups and downs of the project’s first week in the forthcoming second episode of Generation Goat, but, for now, you can check out my progress in two places: Favtape and Last.fm.

Today’s selection: “1,000,000” by Nine Inch Nails. Why, you ask? Because this morning I saw a kick-ass “live from the stage” recording of the song being performed in Australia (click here to peep it on Vimeo) and because, in general, I love this song and what’s it’s all about. See my 10,000 Lies column on it, if you don’t believe me.