The McGangBang Sandwich from McDonalds

The McGangBang sandwich from McDonalds is not something you’ll find on the official menu, but apparently, according to Eat Me Daily, there are some employees of the Golden Arches who will know what you’re talking about if you ask.

Here’s the deal: Take a McDouble or a Double Cheeseburger (depending on whether or not you’ve got the extra scratch for that second piece of cheese), and put a McChicken sandwich, complete with buns, between the two hamburger patties. Then, eat it. Yes, you’ll regret it later. But don’t think about consequences. Live for the now, Geek Forcer!

Think I’m crazy? This sandwich is rocking the Food Buzz section of Buzzfeed right now, and was even covered by A Hamburger Today.

E. Christopher Clark