Jimmy Fallon Takes Over LATE NIGHT

I’ve never been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon, and wasn’t all that interested in his talk show when I first heard about it. But the amount of attention that Steve Garfield was giving to the guy on Twitter made me take notice. And then, Fallon appeared on Diggnation and that was when, for me at least, the deal was sealed. The guy was, to use the parlance of Gary Vaynerchuk, killing it. Jimmy was suddenly all over the place, working his ass off to build an audience and to put together an absolutely modern take on the traditional talk show.

Steve has an in-depth review on his blog, and the premiere is available now on Hulu. Me, I enjoyed the opening bits and the bits with Justin Timberlake the most. And how about the Roots as a house-band? Stellar choice there. Did you watch? What did you think?