Last Night on LOST: LaFleur

Is this possible? Have I actually posted an installment of Last Night on Lost on the day I’m supposed to post it, the day after the episode? I think it might be possible.

I also think it might be possible that this episode was the best of the season, so far. Except for the last ten seconds or so, which sucked.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Click the link and come below the fold with me for a conversation about “LaFleur”.

Let’s Begin at the End

Could we get someone from Dharma a gun and have them pop caps in Jack, Kate, and Hurley? Seriously, this episode ruled until those idiots showed up. I am so sick of the Oceanic Six at this juncture. I felt truly ripped off to discover that this one episode was all we were going to get with the Sawyer crew before the inevitable return of Assholes Who Went Home and Didn’t Want to Come Back.

Did you feel this way? I mean, seriously, I really did want someone to shoot Kate in the head when she gave Sawyer that look at the end. And this goes beyond Shipping and having favorites and all of that bullshit. I’m just so sick of Kate being the woman everyone wants. She’s a great looking girl, can handle herself in a fight, and so on, and so forth. But why does it always have to come back to her? Can’t we let our girl Jules have the spotlight for a little while?

And then there’s Jack, always there to steal the spotlight away from Sawyer just when he’s getting a meaty storyline. Okay, yes, the trailer for the next episode gives one hope that Sawyer is not done being the center of attention just yet. But come on! Couldn’t we have let Jack and company get involved in some shenanigans somewhere else for a while?


All that said, the whole episode up until that last shot had to be one of my favorites of the series. Let’s talk about the rest of it, rather than listening to me rant some more.

The Record’s Spinning Again

The shot of statue was a great tease, but I was glad that we didn’t linger in that time period. I was very happy that the record stopped skipping within the first minute or two of the episode, and that we were quickly on to other business. If there’s one thing The Powers That Be have gotten good at this season, it’s getting to the point.

I loved seeing more of Horace and getting clarification that he was in charge of things on the island. I hated to see the poor bastard drunk, but I loved that it foreshadowed all of the terrible shit to come. And discovering that he was Ethan’s father…

Oh, did I say that out loud? Yep, I’m pretty convinced that Horace and Amy’s baby is none other than Ethan Rom. Not sure why. Just a gut feeling.

It was also great to see a situation come up where it made absolute sense for Sawyer to excel. This was the sort of situation he was brought to the island to deal with. Only a person with his particular skillset could have pulled off what he pulled off. I loved that we got to see how smart the guy is, seeing as most of the time he’s serving as a dummy to be the conduit through which we viewers are spoon-fed certain bits of complicated story.

And it wasn’t only Sawyer who got a great, meaty storyline here. I smiled big and bright when Juliet finally accomplished what she’d been trying in vain to accomplish for six whole years. Elizabeth Mitchell’s performance when Juliet comes out of the delivery room after the section—it was pitch-perfect for me.

And I loved that this led into the absolutely tender and honest and real scene between Sawyer and Juliet at the end. I’m rooting for this relationship not only because it’s a breath of fresh air, and not just because I think each of these characters deserves some happiness, but because it feels real, and developed, and lived-in. It feels organic to me.

And then Kate and Jack have to show up and ruin it all… Ugh!!! Yes, I’m very bitter.

Did You Bury It?

This didn’t feel like a mythology episode, but there was a lot of mythology explained in between the lines, if you were listening carefully enough.

Aside from the whole bit with the statue, we learned:

  • Dharma and the Others had a truce at one point, and Mr. Alpert and Mr. Goodspeed occasionally met with one another.
  • The sub goes to Tahiti and comes and goes once every two weeks.
  • Charlotte wasn’t lying about being a little girl on the island.
  • Paul (the dead guy) wears an ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic character than means “eternal life”, and I think that reveal was very much a clue about the island, the indigenous peoples, or something else.

And that’s basically all I have to say about it, except to say, look at these two peeps in love and tell me you don’t want to shoot Kate and Jack, too.