Tyra and Janice Team Up for New ‘Get a Mac’ Ad Campaign

Editor’s Note: In case the date-stamp didn’t make it clear, this article was part of GF5’s April Fool’s Day Joke for 2008.

Geek Force insiders have learned that renaissance woman Tyra Banks and her former America’s Next Top Model cohort Janice Dickinson will join forces to collaborate on a new series of “Get a Mac” ads for Apple, Inc. It is unknown at this time whether or not “Get a Mac” vets John Hodgman and Justin Long will be included in the clips, but the plot synopsis our spies have uncovered details a scenario wherein Janice Dickinson, playing the part of the PC, becomes so flustered with Vista that she downgrades to Windows 3.1. Tyra Banks, playing the part of the Mac, insults the decrepit supermodel by telling her that she’s so old her 286-running ass couldn’t even boot Windows 95, and that she should just stop lying to herself about “downgrades” and accept that she belongs in a museum. Rumor has it that the first honest-to-goodness catfight in Apple advertising history will ensue.