Geek Force Roster Change - 03.08.2009

The Geek Force Five roster for this week is, in many ways, about anticipation. We are all, I suppose, nervously anticipating that day when the current economy will affect us personally (if it hasn’t already), so we’re going to tackle the Pink Slip Parade head-on this week.

Every Apple fanboy is, at least in some deep dark corner of their brain that they don’t talk about at tea parties, wondering what’s going to happen when the Woz takes the stage during this week’s Dancing with the Stars premiere. And those normal people out there who aren’t Apple geeks—like my wife—they’re just anticipating the return of one of the most popular shows on TV. So, we’re going to cover that.

Then, of course, we’ve got Ms. Kelly Clarkson, whose new album debuts this week, just as American Idol is kicking into high-gear. So, let’s talk about what’s become of past Idol winners and alums. Because, heck, why not?!?

And when it comes to anticipation in the tech and social media sphere, few events are anticipated more each year than the arrival of SXSW (South by Southwest). We’re going to talk about that, too.

And, if none of that whets your particular geeky appetite, don’t fret: We’re also talking about the latest movie trailers this week, including killer new clips from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, and more.