All New, All Dark: The Disappointing New Trailer for HARRY POTTER 6

Of all the big movie trailers that popped up last week, the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was, for me, the biggest disappointment. And let me put this in perspective: It takes a lot to disappoint me in a movie trailer. I am, on the whole, very easy to please. But this trailer—this trailer just did not do it for me.

My main problem with this trailer is the way that it manipulates the viewer into believing that this film will be much darker than it actually will be. In every interview I have read or seen regarding Half-Blood Prince it has been been implied that the film will be just as much about the silly romances of Hogwarts as it is about the dark, seedy underbelly of what’s going on on campus this year. This trailer, on the other hand, seems designed to make the viewer believe that what they are in for is a dark, dark, dark experience with very little light at the end of the tunnel. And I think this bit of misdirection was done with a very clear motive.

My guess—and it is only a guess, because I have not yet seen Watchmen—is that this trailer was put together exclusively for use in front of Warner Brothers’ big property of the moment. And, that being the case (at least in my mind), this trailer feels dirty to me. It feels like it’s trying to win over an audience it might not really have any business winning over.

The only parts that felt rewarding for me as a viewer were the brief glimpses of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy. Narcissa, Draco’s mother, looks even more menacing than I ever imagined. And Draco… well, let’s just say that I’ve never been a fan of Tom Felton’s portrayal of Harry’s nemesis. But in this trailer, and in the other brief snippets of his performance that I’ve seen, I feel like he finally takes the role to the place I always wanted him to take it.

So, what did you think?