Apparently, Geeks Can’t Dance

Dancing With the Stars is a show that my wife watches pretty religiously when it’s on. Me, I sort of ignore it unless I have nothing better to do. But last night, last night was different. I actually sat down to watch an episode of the show entirely on my own (Stephanie was out). And why was that? Well, my fellow Apple geeks already know the answer. But for those of you who don’t know: I tuned in to see Woz. has a pretty good write-up on the episode, and I think they’re right-on in their description of the Apple co-founder’s performance: “Wozniak certainly proved that it’s endearing when nerds try to dance [but] [h]e can’t actually dance at all.”

Other than Steve’s performance, it was interesting to watch Belinda Carlisle give dancing a try (she was an early crush of mine), and excruciating to discover that an old comedy favorite of mine, David Alan Grier, is a total asshole (or at least comes off like one). The most impressive performances of the night—which isn’t saying much, especially on premiere night—came from dude famous for getting nude in Sex and the City (Gilles Marini) and girl (Shawn Johnson) famous for being flexible. I didn’t stay awake long enough to see Melissa “I was dumped byThe Bachelor” Rycroft’s apparently impressive performance, but she apparently has some dance training too. It would’ve been nice to see someone unexpected shine, rather than these three, who you sort of expected to do well. But maybe that’s what I’m supposed to tune in next time for.