Three SXSW 2009 Tips

PHOTO: sxsw_wwow_wins on Flickr by Avant Game CC BY-NC

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be among the awesome people in Austin, Texas this weekend at South By Southwest. But, still, that’s no reason I shouldn’t give you a few bits of advice for how to maximize the awesomeness quotient while you’re there.

  1. “Leave your laptop in your hotel room and bring a notebook and pen instead. This will allow you to listen to the sessions and not be distracted. Plus, who wants to lug around a big bag all day long?” [courtesy of EE Insider]
  2. Do fun things you would do anyway, but with awesome new people? For example, try {RV}IP Lounge, a Karaoke party on wheels recently written up by Mickipedia.
  3. And, if you do insist on lugging a laptop around with you all day, try to minimize the time you spend staring at it trying to figure out what to do by using some organizational app of some kind. Like, howzabout PeopleBrowsr? Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable wrote a review the other day, and it definitely sounds worth checking out.