Geek Force FiveCast 008 (Video)

Today, Kaylee and I geek out about April Fools Day spoilers for Lost, one of which is supposedly true. These come from E!Online’s Kristin Dos Santos.

  1. One of the Freighters dies at the hands of Jack.
  2. There’s a whole underground city beneath the island, and that’s where the whispers come from.
  3. In a flashforward, Walt reveals the secrets of the Oceanic Six over the Internet.
  4. Walt is in the coffin.
  5. Juliet and Charlotte share a kiss.
  6. Desmond is not one of the Oceanic Six, but he is off the Island.
  7. Jin, Sawyer and Locke are alive on the Island in the future.
  8. Kate is pregnant.
  9. All of the “meat socks” (background survivors we have not yet met) will die by gassing.
  10. Juliet kills Claire.

So, which one do you think it is?