J.J. Abrams’s Take on STAR TREK

For the most part, what I know about J.J. Abrams begins and ends with this simple statement: He co-created Lost, and it’s probably my favorite television program ever. I didn’t see Cloverfield, and I never watched Felicity or Alias back in the day, but he can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. Being one of the minds behind Lost has earned him a golden ticket, in my book.

That’s why the amount of awesomeness spilling out of the trailers for Abrams’s Star Trek reboot doesn’t surprise me. I expect this of the dude.

But, still, he’s surpassed even my expectations with the latest trailer, the third of the bunch (fourth, if you count the Super Bowl spot). Let’s take a look at it.

The story that’s laid out here in this two-minute clip is ridiculously compelling. Kirk’s father captained a starship for twelve minutes (presumably during a moment of great crisis), and the lad’s been living in his old man’s shadow for his whole life, and constantly getting into trouble (I’m one of the few that loved that moment in the previous trailer where little kid Kirk drives the car off the cliff). He’s a kid with something to prove, and he’s just been waiting for the right opportunity to do that. Waiting, but maybe not ever actually looking for that moment.

Then along comes this old guy who knows his father’s story, and the old guy challenges the lad to make something of himself. Classic, almost cliched stuff. But, for me, it works.

The casting is inspired and, in several cases, surprising. Zachary Quinto is the only person other than Leonard Nimoy who could ever play Spock, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by the casting of John Cho as Sulu. I mean, I never expected anything more out of that kid than cameos in future American Pie movies and starring roles in the next sixteen Harold and Kumar flicks. But he looks totally bad-ass here.

I haven’t seen a Star Trek film in ages, but I will definitely be checking this one out. Abrams appears to have struck the perfect balance between honoring the past and reinvigorating the series for the future. I have high hopes for this film. How about you?