2009 GF5 Tournament Round 1 Winners in Games/Tech

The first round of competition in the Games & Tech bracket of the 1st Annual Geek Force Five Tournament is over! As was the case with the Movies & TV bracket, some matchups were tight and others were downright blowouts. Here’s a quick snapshot of how things went down.

  • The boys from Diggnation were no match for the colossal powers from Cupertino. Apple defeated Diggnation handily in the opening matchup of round one.
  • Guitar Hero vs. Dungeons & Dragons was a much closer match, with D&D beating out the latest video game craze by only one vote.
  • But, back in Blowoutville, Mario took it to the boys and girls of Street Fighter and stomped them like they were a bunch of silly mushrooms trying to stand between him and his woman.
  • Resident Evil’s victory over NCAA Basketball wasn’t exactly a blowout, but it was decisive—63% of the votes went the way of the zombie-killing video game.
  • In the war between the Wii and Call of Duty, the family-friendly gaming system took the spoils.
  • The obsession over Major League Baseball did edge out the obsession over Little Big Planet, but only just. And that’s saying something, considering how many years MLB has had to build up momentum against this young upstart game. Will MLB have anything left to make it past the Wii in Round 2? We shall see.
  • Halo was no match for Rock Band when it came right down to it, which was perhaps the biggest surprise of the bracket.
  • And, in the marquee matchup of this bracket’s first round, Spam made Twitter throw up the fail whale like it was white flag.

Voting for the Comics bracket starts soon. Stay tuned!