iTunes - Number 2 Music Retailer in the United States

The Unofficial Apple Weblog, AppleInsider, and just about every other Apple news outlet out there are now reporting that iTunes has surpassed Best Buy to become the number two music retailer in the United States. Apple had held the number three spot since June, when it overtook Apple’s online music offering now trails only brick-and-mortar powerhouse Wal-Mart in terms of overall music sales.

Me, I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner. I stopped buying CDs on a regular basis about three or four years ago (I still pick up new NIN discs for nostalgia’s sake, but that’s about it, and I immediately rip them to my iMac anyway, then toss the CDs in the closet). The upsides of digital music distribution simply outweigh the downsides. Digital music files take up less space, require fewer physical resources to produce—Al Gore, that champion of inconvenient truths (also an Apple board member) would be proud—and, to my ear, sound just as damn good. Sure, I’d prefer my music to be DRM-free, but I’d rather have music that isn’t going to disappear on me when my daughter decides to color all over my CD collection, or to use the discs as miniature Frisbees.

How about you, Geek Forcers? Do you still buy CDs, or are you soldiers in the digital music revolution?