Y Kant Tori Read Comic Books?

Comic Book Resources has a new, vastly-improved layout today, as well as a story on a forthcoming comic book based on the music of Tori Amos. It sounds like it will be very interesting, and maybe even very good.

[Comic Book Tattoo] features no stories that simply illustrate her heavily narrative lyrics. “We didn’t want a book that just had interpretations of the songs; comic book versions of music videos,” Hoseley explained. “It was important to both Tori and I that this stand on its own as a killer set of comic stories regardless of whether you were a fan of Tori’s or, for that matter, if you were even aware of her music. The stories had to be great comic stories first and foremost, and that drove most of the creative and editorial choices.”

The “girls” that will be featured in the collection include “Leather,” “Caught A Light Sneeze,” and one of my personal favorites (yes, because of the backing vocals by Trent Reznor) “Past the Mission.”

It’s being put out by Image Comics and not Marvel, and so therefore doesn’t really fall under the umbrella of my Geek Force Five, but I’m going to file this one under Marvel Comics anyway, just because I can, and because it makes more sense there than under Geek Force Reserves.