2009 GF5 Tournament Round 1 Winners in Comics

The first round of competition in the Comics bracket of the 1st Annual Geek Force Five Tournament is over! We had a few more blowouts in this bracket than we’ve had in previous brackets, but the competition was, in general, still tight. Here’s a quick snapshot of how things went down.

  • Old Man Wayne, aka Batman was more than a match for the fairy tale creatures of Fables, even without the other half of the Dynamic Duo at his side.
  • In a close fight that was accompanied by one of the most contentious (and amusing) comment threads in the history of Geek Force Five, Frank Miller bested Alan Moore.
  • Ed Brubaker came close to being the only creator to knock off a creation in the first round, but he did eventually lose to Iron Man (40% to 60%).
  • Bendis was no match for Spider-Man, Grant Morrison was no match for the Watchmen, and Jim Lee was no match for Captain America.
  • Jesse Custer and the cast of Preacher couldn’t take down Man of Steel. In fact, they didn’t even put up much of a fight, losing to Superman 27% to 73%.
  • And, last but not least, the X-Men stomped on the Last Man to the tune of 76% to 24%.

Voting for the Music bracket starts soon. And, after that, it’s on to the second round.