2009 GF5 Tournament Round 1 Winners in Music

The first round of competition in the Music bracket of the 1st Annual Geek Force Five Tournament is over, and that draws to a close the first round of the tournament as a whole! This bracket featured the biggest blowout of the first round. Here’s a quick snapshot of how things went down.

  • After a strong early showing, Britney Spears fell to The Beatles. As one commenter put it though, tabloid TV will always love Brit-Brit more than they love the Fab Four.
  • In the biggest blowout of the tournament so far, Green Day simply annihilated Coldplay. In fact, it was shut-out until the last hours of the matchup.
  • The High School Musical fans were out in full-force early on, but the four of them were no match for the legions of Nirvana fans who showed up soon after.
  • Weezer bested Springsteen, but only because Springsteen fans don’t spend as much time in front of their computers as Weezer fans do.
  • Metallica beat up on poor, sweet, innocent Hannah Montana.
  • The Cure just barely edged out U2, proving something, but we’re not sure what.
  • Nine Inch Nails beat Radiohead soundly, proving me wrong about this being a tough matchup.
  • And, last but not least, Beck was no match for the iTunes juggernaut.

Voting for the Round 2 matchups on the left-hand side of the tournament (Movies/TV and Comics) starts tomorrow. Will Star Trek be able to take down Colbert? How will Buffy fare against Lord of the Rings? And can Frank Miller take down the mother#$%&ing Batman? You’ll decide, starting on Monday!