2009 GF5 Tournament Round 2: Spider-Man vs. Iron Man

Did you know that Iron Man and Spider-Man slept together, once upon a time? Yep, they did. Or, well, their alter-egos did while they were each operating under assumed identities during an undercover assignment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was depicted in the film Wonder Boys. In that film, Tony Stark (goatee-less, and going by the name Terry Crabtree) seduces a young Peter Parker (who is, at that time, posing as a college student named James Leer). At the film’s conclusion, the narrator, Professor Grady Tripp, tells us that Crabtree and Leer ended up in New York, not coincidentally the headquarters of both Spidey and Old Buckethead.

Anyway, this matchup may seem decidedly unfair on paper—how does a guy who shoots webs defeat a guy who shoots repulsor rays?—but remember that Spidey is capable of far more than he lets on, and that, in the beginning of the “One More Day” debacle, Spider-Man captured Iron Man in his webs quite easily.

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