2009 GF5 Tournament Round 2: iTunes vs. Nine Inch Nails

iTunes may have changed the way we purchase and listen to music, but I would argue that Nine Inch Nails is changing it again. The innovative way that they released Ghosts I-IV after their departure from a major record label is going to shape the way that artists release new material going forward. Ghosts was released as A) a free sampler; B) a $5 downloadable album; C) a slightly higher-priced physical release; and D) an extra-special balls-to-the-wall boxed set, limited in number, and signed by the artist. This is the way of the future, I think. Artists are going to give away part of their albums willingly to combat piracy, and then they’re going to sell direct to the consumer in order to combat record company bullshit. Eventually, I think, iTunes is going to have to play the game by the new rules that bands like NIN have set down.

But that’s just one man’s opinion, and maybe it’s not enough. It’s up to you to decide. Vote now!