2009 GF5 Tournament Round 3: X-Men vs. Superman

Okay, so, let’s imagine a scenario. Superman’s been injured by some rare form of Kryptonite that’s driving him insane—there are about fifty different kinds of Kryptonite, right, and at least one of them has to drive him insane. Now, it’s up to us to pick the X-Men team that’s going to bring him down. We get four choices. Who do we pick? Well, I’m going to cheat and say that we bring in Cloak (from Cloak and Dagger), who is a mutant, but has never been part of the team. He uses his darkness powers to drain the solar-powered alien of all his juice. Then, we send in Wolverine to chop off Kal-El’s head with that pair of adamantium claws he loves so much. And, if that doesn’t work, we call in our ace in the hole—Magik, Collusus’s sister, whose magic sword should be able to kill the dude if all else fails, right? Our fourth? It doesn’t matter. Let’s just say it’s Cyclops, standing up on a hill and ordering people around like an asshole.

Can you tell that I’m a Marvel fan, and that I’m reaching? I mean, in all seriousness, in a real fight, Supes takes down the entire team in about five minutes, right? He’s the first superhero, he’s got about every power known to man, and you can’t hurt him except for a couple of loopholes.

But maybe I’m not alone in thinking that a well-constructed X-Men team could take him down. What say you, Fivers? Vote now!