Robin Finck Returns to Nine Inch Nails

If the official Nine Inch Nails Flickr stream is to be believed, guitarist Robin Finck has rejoined Nine Inch Nails. The Flickr peanut gallery seems to be very much behind this move. Me, I’m not loving it (yet). While I love Robin Finck, and while he will forever be a part of the “classic” NIN line-up in my mind, I think that the With Teeth-era line-up, the one featuring Aaron North and Jeordie White, put on far more entertaining and far more consistently solid shows than the Finck/Lohner line-up ever did. I challenge you to listen to In This Twilight (Live 2005-2007), the only Nine Inch Nails bootleg you simply need to own, and then tell me that the 2005-2007 version of Nine Inch Nails can ever be topped. These guys played songs like “Heresy” and “Last,” personal favorites of mine that older versions of the band seemed afraid to touch, and they pulled those songs off. They really did.

All that aside, you can be damn sure that I’m going to try my hardest to find the money and the time to see whatever version of the band is on the road this summer. They play the Worcester Centrum DCU Center on August 8. Anyone else going?