2009 GF5 Tournament Round 4: Batman vs. X-Men

I think it’s only fitting that the final matchup of the Comics bracket should be a Marvel vs. DC affair, and that the combatants should be the marquee players from each company’s roster. In these dark times, Batman and the X-Men are the popular heroes that come closest to representing us. We are either scared, alone, and feeling like the whole world’s against us, or we are too fucking bat-shit insane to care. Either way, we fight to make a difference, all the while wondering what the point is. It doesn’t seem like we can win, but we keep fighting anyway.

Who wins? I think this one is a toss-up. It really depends on how people mobilize their side of the fandom, and it depends on which character/characters remain in the minds and hearts of the general public. Batman! X-Men! Vote now!