2009 GF5 Tournament Round 4: The Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails

This final matchup of the Elite Eight round really isn’t a contest at all, is it? I mean, whoever faces the Beatles should expect to have their asses handed to them on a platter, shouldn’t they? Well, the Beatles vs. Nirvana matchup in the Sweet Sixteen round proved otherwise. While the Fab Four held the lead throughout much of the weekend, Nirvana fans propelled their band ahead in the late-going. Perhaps it was the result of nostalgia on the anniversary of Kurt’s death, or perhaps it was that part in each of us that wants to see the underdog win—whatever it was, that matchup has to give Nine Inch Nails fans some hope.

But not too much. Let’s face it: the Beatles are moving on, aren’t they? And if NIN somehow wins, people are going to come out of the woodwork, knowing that NIN is my favorite band, and they are going to cry foul. Aren’t they?

Beatles! Nine Inch Nails! Vote now!