2009 GF5 Tournament Round 5: Batman vs. Star Wars

Batman is perhaps the most popular comic book hero of our times. The popular and critical success of The Dark Knight proved that. But I think it’s easy to forget that Batman has staying power. He didn’t just pop up out of nowhere to capture our imagination. The dude has been around since 1939, when Bob Kane and Bill Finger first brought him to life. So, it’s not like his success is a fluke. Bats has been here before, and he almost certainly will be here again.

Star Wars, it can easily be argued, has staying power of its own. It’s been over thirty years since the release of the original film and yet, despite the widespread derision of nearly every Star Wars narrative brought to the screen in the past ten years, the phenomenon is still going strong. There is such love for that original trilogy of films that its hard to imagine them ever entirely leaving the cultural zeitgeist. You might say that this is the real accomplishment, to have stuck around despite years of suck (though the person doing the cross-examining need only point to Batman & Robin to prove what humiliation the Dark Knight can survive).

So, Fivers, it’s up to you. Vote now, and vote as many times as you’d like before Thursday at 10 pm EDT. And tell you friends, too! Let’s make the turnout for this matchup a big one.