Saved by Zack Morris and A.C. Slater

Before the debut of his version of Late Night on NBC, I was never a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. But the dude has had some killer ideas, so far. And the best, in my opinion, was the idea he raised at the end of March alongside special guest Dennis Haskins: a Saved by the Bell reunion.

Dude, if you grew up in the late 80s and early 90s and you didn’t watch this show, then I want to hear from you. Saved by the Bell was a flippin’ institution. And yes, I was pretty obsessed with it.

As I sit here and try to figure out who my favorite character was though, I am having a hard time. I’m a geek, so I’m supposed to identify most with Samuel “Screech” Powers, but, while Dustin Diamond’s character did amuse me, I never liked him as much as I liked Zack and Slater. I knew that I’d never be Zack or Slater (and that I didn’t really want to be either of them) but they, y’know, felt more like actual characters and less like cartoons.

Okay, that last part was bullshit. I’m just making stuff up now. But, seriously: I did identify more with the two dudes who I would never be like than the dweeb that I was probably similar to in more ways than I’d ever want to admit. Why is that? I don’t really know.

Maybe it had something to do with Zack and Slater being like the two sides of my conflicted soul, one half always trying too hard to be cool and coming off like an asshole, and the other half playing it super-cool and seeming super-cool in the process.

Uhm, yeah… so, uh… who were your favorite characters on Saved by the Bell? What was your favorite episode?

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