NIN App for the iPhone - Do We Really Need It?

There is a Nine Inch Nails application coming to the iPhone this month, and Wired has an interview up where Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan talk up the app. Included alongside the text-based interview is a video walkthrough hosted by Digg’s Kevin Rose. The gist of the app is that it’ll give you mobile-optimized access to, as well as a Twitter-like interface called Nearby for interacting with fellow NIN fanatics in your area. I think the idea there is to be able to find like-minded geeks in the crowd at shows you attend, and so on.

It all sounds very cool to me, but let me just play Devil’s advocate for a second. Do we really need a fucking computer application in order to meet new people who are at the same event that we are?!? If we’re all at a Nine Inch Nails show, then we all presumably have at least one thing to talk about, don’t we? Whatever happened to just striking up a conversation with the person next to you? Is that illegal now? Must this type of interaction always take place through a computer, or a cell-phone?

Okay, glad I got that out of my system. Now, where is that app?